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Night Shift: Blue Light Filter


**Updated - Crash Issue fixed for Android Marshmallow**Do you use your mobile phone after sunset? Do you use your phone within 3 hours of your bed time? If yeas, then your device might be taking your sleep away. Bluelight from your mobile screens sends a signal to brain to wake up, and makes it difficult for us to sleep at night. So if you have difficulty sleeping (insomina), the mobile might be the culprit.
The solution? This simple screen filter or as we call it, a Blue Light Filter.
This blue light filter controls the amount of blue light emitted from your phone, and thus it reduces the harmful effects of using mobile phone at night.
This is the simplest Blue Light Filter App and it lets you:
- Set separate filter intensity for day & night time- Turn filter ON/ OFF through a single tap on notification bar - No annoying notifications- No Ads- No permissions required for Bluelight Filter app to run
Best option is not to use your mobile devices after sunset, but if you must then this Bluelight Filter app is there to save your eyes! Say goodbye to blue.
This lux controlling app is must for eyecare. Night Shift app for android.
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